Children of Sores

Review Of Gilt From Echo Ent.(1996)

Echo Rotations Review of Gilt

By Nick Sagos

The bass on Gilt is a clean stream of low end rumble. Illusively cloaked on smaller speaker systems, large woofers reintroduce the sub-100hz tenor into the mix. Machines of Loving Grace’s lyrics are constructs of reference. Subjects and selected subject matter is alluded to and rarely stated directly.

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Rad Magazine Review Of Gilt (1996)

Machines of Loving Grace–Gilt

by Johanna Bonisteel

Machines of Loving Grace are a band I have always enjoyed, and this album is no exception. This is one of those albums that make you want to MOSH! It gives you an adrenaline rush. It’s just great industrial music.

This album is a bit more experimental than MoLG’s previous albums.

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Review by Sean Mcgill

Gilt Review

by Sean Eric McGill

It isn’t anything new for a band to change their sound, especially in industrial music. But Machines of Loving Grace have done more than change their sound on their new release, Gilt – what they have done is totally redefine themselves and create the best release of their career in the process.

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Review By Karen Sheets

Gilt Review

by Karen Sheets

Like their cohorts Chemlab and Sister Machine Gun, Machines of Loving Grace fail to find intensity in their fusion of post-industrial and hard rock.

Gilt’s songs are the typical semi-quiet verses and loud thrashing choruses. The guitars and bass have an overweight sound, like a fat,

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MOLG Newsletter (1995)

Machines Of Loving Grace

Spring 1995 finds MLG firmly entrenched in their new studio/rehersal space, SensDep Labs, working on their new record, whose working title varies according to the band’s mood and favorite phrase. After much deep thinking and some personnel shakeups (including Machines’ parting of ways with former guitarist Stuart Kupers) the writing is nearing completion and with recording just around the corner.

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Live Review (1995)

Machines of Loving Grace–Concert Review

By James Ellis

“It didn’t make much sense, but it sure was a lot of fun” (Live Review 1995)

I was a little confused when I walked in the door. The show, a bang-slam rock-techno fest at the Brewery featuring Korn and Machines of Loving Grace, almost didn’t happen.

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Review By CMJ Music Report (All Albums)

CMJ Review of Gilt #1

On their previous releases, Machines Of Loving Grace relied heavily on electronic gear to empower its music, but on its third album Gilt, produced by Sylvia Massey (Tool, Babes In Toyland), they churn to a much different beat, having added very heavy, live guitar and rhythm sections. Although the band’s core sound screams pure,

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Industrial Edge Interview With Mike Fisher (1997)

Interview Edge 1997 with Mike Fisher

by Scott Mallone

This is only the first part. There is also a second part coming soon.

IE: Whats up in the studio?

Mike Fisher: We are currently working on the next record in our own studio (Sensory Deprivation Labs). Band members involved at this point include myself,

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Michale Cardonna Article (1996)

Asylem 1996 Interview with Mike Fisher

by Michael Caradonna

“We’re playing for a different type of audience now,” explains Mike Fisher, keyboardist for Machines of Loving Grace during a phone-in interview. Their current tour with the heavy metal band Korn was coming to a close and it had been a different experience from earlier tours.

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