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Industrial Edge Interview With Mike Fisher (1997)

Industrial Edge Interview With Mike Fisher (1997)

Interview Edge 1997 with Mike Fisher

by Scott Mallone

This is only the first part. There is also a second part coming soon.

IE: Whats up in the studio?

Mike Fisher: We are currently working on the next record in our own studio (Sensory Deprivation Labs). Band members involved at this point include myself, Scott, Dave Suycott, and Ray Riendeau. Tom Melchionda, who contributed to “Golgotha Tenement Blues” is also participating. The tech details, for those who care, are as follows: We are using a 32-track ProTools III system, recording direct-to-disk using a variety of outboard pre-amps, equalizers, and compressors. The center of the recording system is a 200Mhz Motorola Starmax running Logic Audio with the TDM extensions.

IE: When should we expect a new album and is there a title set?

Mike: The release date is currently too far off to nail down, but will most likely fall in spring of ’98. There is no title as of yet.

IE: Every album you have released so far has been very different. Should we expect a new sound also from the new release?

Mike: On this record, we’re working on combining the most successful elements of our past work with some new ideas and directions. In other words, each of our earlier albums has had aspects that we liked; one of our creative goals for this album is to create a sound which uses the best of those, and also sounds different from our past work and different from other music.

IE: I’ve heard rumours that previous works by Machines of Loving Grace contain References to Aleister Crowley and his works. Is this true? What influenced you about his works more than others?

Mike: I’ll pass this one on to Scott.

IE: The SensDepLabs web page has been under construction for quite some time now. Are there any plans to keep this fan club page going?

Mike: Yes, in fact Dave Suycott has taken over (from me) the responsibilities of getting the page together. I just haven’t had enough time to work on it properly.

To be continued…

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