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Children of Sores

Rad Magazine Interview (1996)

Rad Magazine Interview

by James Bonisteel

Machines…they are a very interesting band to see. They really had a way of getting the audience going, from Scott jumping into the audience and trying to surf all the way to the back. From listening to their new album, “Gilt,” this by far is one of the better albums they have put out in awhile.

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NT Interview (1996)

NT Interview with Mike Fisher (1996)

by Mike Glader

Machines of Loving Grace, who graced the airwaves a couple of years ago with the hit Butterfly Wings are back with a new album and a new sound. During the tour for their last album, Concentration, the band decided to go with a more live approach to recording,

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Interview With Jay Tiftickjian

Interview With Jay Tiftickjian

by Jay Tiftickjian

The Machines of Loving Grace have been one of the more prominent industrial/computer bands with the success of 1993 “Butterfly Wings” off of their second album, Concentration, as well as “Golgotha Tenement Blues” from The Crow Soundtrack. With their new offering, Gilt, the Machines have taken a more straight forward,

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Miscellany News Interview (1995)

E-mail Interview With Mike Fisher

by Nevin Martell

In ten years one won’t have to leave the privacy of his or her computer terminal in order to interact with the rest of the world. All mail will be e-mailed, classes will be conducted via simultaneous conference programs, homework assignments will be zipped across the net in mere seconds and computer dating will be the first steps towards an electronically enhanced marriage.

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Bikini Magazine Article (1994)

Machines of Loving Grace

Reprinted from , Issue #3, 1994
courtesy M.F. Mauceri and Bikini Magazine


High Hand, High Spade In The Hole,
Quarter On The Four, Roll Your Own

Forget Robert Bly. Don’t think you need to beat drums naked in the woods to reaffirm your manhood.

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Industrial Nation Interview (1994)

Industrial Nation’s Interview With Machines Of Loving Grace (1994)

by Kim Traub

IN: I want to start off with Scott. In one of your bios…

Scott: Our bios are all lies and incorrect!

IN: Ok, well then explain this lie; You said that “tension is what ends up defining us.”

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Interview with Scott Benzel and Stuart Kupers (1993)

Interview with Scott Benzel and Stuart Kupers (1993)

by Jon Bains

The first time I heard of Machines of Loving grace was when somebody came up to me at a club I was DJing at and asked had I ever heard of them. My answer at the time was, of course, no. Luckily I managed to acquire this first album and first couple of 12″s “Rite of Shiva”

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Consumable Interview with Scott Benzel (1993)

Consumable Interview with Scott Benzel

by Sean Eric McGill

Gilt, the latest album from Machines of Loving Grace, is a departure from their previous style. Leaning more towards guitars and less towards sampling, it marks a change in a band many have considered to be one of the best outfits in the industrial genre.

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Review Of Gilt From Echo Ent.(1996)

Echo Rotations Review of Gilt

By Nick Sagos

The bass on Gilt is a clean stream of low end rumble. Illusively cloaked on smaller speaker systems, large woofers reintroduce the sub-100hz tenor into the mix. Machines of Loving Grace’s lyrics are constructs of reference. Subjects and selected subject matter is alluded to and rarely stated directly.

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Bass Player Online Article on Ray Riendeau (07/1998)

Ray Riendeau Interview by Bass Player Online

By Ed Friedland

“For the longest time I never knew how Victor Wooten was doing his double-thumbing technique,” says Ray Riendeau. “I just tried to mimic the sound, and it came out my way.”

Ray calls his unusual slap style “double plucking”: using his index and middle fingers in conjunction with the thumb to create unusual rhythmic groupings.

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