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Children of Sores

MOLG Newsletter (1995)

MOLG Newsletter (1995)

Sensory Deprivation Labs

Machines Of Loving Grace

Spring 1995 finds MLG firmly entrenched in their new studio/rehersal space, SensDep Labs, working on their new record, whose working title varies according to the band’s mood and favorite phrase. After much deep thinking and some personnel shakeups (including Machines’ parting of ways with former guitarist Stuart Kupers) the writing is nearing completion and with recording just around the corner. Sylvia Massey (Tool, Babes in Toyland, see below) is slated to produce, with the release set for early fall. Look for updates such as sound bites of songs in progress, photos, etc. on the MLG Web site.

The MLG world-wide-web site is now up and running. The site features a complete MLG discography, album art, sound segments from every track ever released (including hard-to-find remixes), complete lyrics (finally!), a photo album, fan club sign-up, and more. For those of you with web access, point your web client to:

If you’re among the Web-impaired, you can access the same information via
gopher at:
… in the MLG directory. If your on-line presence is limited to a service like America Online or Compuserve, all is not lost. You can still
subscribe to the MLG e-mail list. Just e-mail to with the word “subscribe” in the message body. This will make you cool.

Remix Update

A commercially available import version of the “Butterfly Wings” single has been spotted at obscure record stores and may be available via special order in some areas. The release is an East/West German version of the single (catalog number YZ866Cd, 4509-98282-2) and includes Sanken’s (brilliant Killing Joke “Millenium” remixer) Europe-only remix as well as the time-honored favorites from Jack Dangers/Mark Pistel and Lamar Lowder.

Since the original release of the promo-only “Butterfly Wings”, many requests (not to mention a few demands) for a commercially available version found their way to MLG HQ. It seems that more than a few listeners wonder why the track has never been released as a commercial single. As it turns out, the decision to release the single as promo-only was made early on by our record company, as they didn’t feel that there would be a demand for the single at the commercial level. Oops. To rectify this, MLG are currently discussing the release of a “bootleg” CD that would contain the Butterfly remixes as well as other hard-to-find tracks such as the “Die Warzau” remixes of “Perfect Tan”. Keep an eye on the MLG web site and newsgroups for more information.

Producer Update

MLG have chosen Sylvia Massey to engineer/co-produce the upcoming record. Sylvia comes from an unusually diverse background, and has engineered and produced for the likes of Tool, Babes in Toyland, Prince, and others. She’s also done remix work for bands including Lucious Jackson.

The decision to use Sylvia was in part a result of Machines’ goal of creating a more “live” sounding record this time around. Having toured extensively in the US and Canada for Concentration, MLG found that much of the material worked well in a live setting. Sylvia struck MLG as having all of the background and talent needed to help the band fully realize their live sound on record. She’s also got some really great psychotic Prince stories…

Most Famous People Spotted driving Humvees: Scott – Queen Latifah. Mike – Fabio

* * * * * *

MLG Lyric Update

After the “Butterfly Wings” single, the most sought after/ requested item is a lyric sheet for Concentration. Space limitations prevent us from just printing lyrics here, but if you really must have them, find someone with world-wide-web access and check out our web site. You’ll find all the lyrics from Concentration, as well as lyrics from the first Machines release and our Crow soundtrack contribution. If you can’t get to the web, try sending e-mail to and see what that gets you. If you don’t have e-mail… well, join the fucking twentieth century, why don’t you?

And while we’re on the subject of the Internet, here are the MLG Usernet newsgroups that carry info on us:

The first two aren’t available everywhere (despite our recent letterbomb campaign to change that), so depending on from where you access the net, you might/ might not get them.


Long sleeve heavy weight black T with embroidered MLG logo on front, embroidered MLG on back: $15 plus shipping

Black baseball cap with embroidered MLG logo on front, embroidered MLG on back: $15

Please add $1.50 per item for shipping. Money orders of cashier’s checks only made out in US funds. Send to:

Machines Merch
[Address Snipped]

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

A Few of our Favorite Things, lately (not a product endorsement)

Scott – Portishead, Jabberjaw comp, Velvets “Andy Warhol”, Keroac and Ginsberg’s boxed sets, complete Fetish work of Eric Kroll (birthday hint), Young Gods live in Australia, Harry Crews, FEAST OF SNAKES, THE KNOCKOUT ARTIST, Camille, yeah, Camille, P.K.Dick VALIS, CONFESSIONS OF A CHEAP ARTIST, Joan Didion, SLOUCHING TOWARDS BABYLON, WHITE ALBUM, Old school beats through Marshall stacks, Chaim Bianco’s film, THE POPE OF UTAH, Descent, Jon Spencer’s live use of Theremin, Instant pancake mix, getting sued, that great Axl Rose rendition of “Sympathy”, the Brad Pitt phenomenom, messing with unspeakable evil, OJOJOJ!

Mike – my Chamberlain oddity, Buichladdich, Side 2 of Bowie’s “Low”, Frank Zappa “The Yellow Shark”, Rimsky-Korsakov, Hansen’s vanilla coffee soda, Elastic Reality, Robert Shelton NO DIRECTION HOME, ProTools 3, the lost works of Traci Lords, suing myself by mistake, Haruki Murakami HARD BOILED WONDERLAND AND THE END OF THE WORLD, sea urchin,, anything processed through my Arp 2600, the smell of a burning cello, Marathon on a PowerMac amplified to at least 100 db, Ethiopian coffee, Speyside whiskey, Richard Ford THE AMERICAN SHORT STORY

How to Become an MLS Slave

Tired of your day-to-day grind and aimless existence? (we are!) Wouldn’t you like to go to sleep at night knowing you’ve helped to make the world a better place? Then how about joining the OFFICIAL MACHINES OF LOVING GRACE GOON SQUAD… uh… we mean Fan Club Active Regiment. We’re looking for a few good MenWomen…? to help distribute Machines flyers and propaganda the next time we come through your town. What we’ll do is provide you with some basic materials – flyer, some $ for copies, etc. What’ll you’ll do is help spread the gospel according to MLG (You can also harrass your local record store if they don’t carry enough of our CDs). You may be rewarded with free tix, backstage passes, etc. and inside dirt. Learn how to win friends and influence people! Get that much-needed outdoor exercise! Gain the respect and admiration of Machines! Sound interesting? For more info, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

MLG Goon Squad
[Address Snipped]

(An Equal Opportunity Enslaver)


God Will Kill You Jimmy

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