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Machines of Loving Grace Reunion?

Looks something is brewing in the MOLG camp after such a long hiatus from the music scene. Their official Spotify and Instagram accounts are displaying a newly designed logo (also below) with their official IG blurb stating:

“Same band, new management, new lineup.”

We have no word on what the new lineup makeup would look like,

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Richest Junkie Still Alive Video Unearthed!

The long search for the most elusive MOLG music video has finally ended. Richest Junkie Still Alive was the only video release behind 1995’s “Gilt” and was directed by John Reece (NIN : Happines In Slavery). You can find out more factoids here including the visual inspiration behind it. Have a play and enjoy!

Thanks to B.

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MOLG Old Archived News

Below is an archive of old news Machines of Loving Grace news imported from the old site. Enjoy!


machines of loving grace latest news


(12/13/06 7:36 p.m.CST)

Richest Junkie Still Alive Video 

In a never ending quest, I finally found the ‘Richest Junkie Still Alive’

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Children of Sores News

Children of Sores 4.0 is Now Live!

Well here we are 11 years after the last redesign, 2 years after the Geocities demise and now ready to rock out with an updated website up to date with a lot of cool web 2.0 features. I hope you all enjoy your visit here and hope you come back many more times to come.

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Children of Sores News

Children of Sores v4.0 Rises August 31, 2011

So here we are about 10 days away from the long awaited return to the only source for MOLG on the web. Final touches are being placed and a Countdown clock can now be found on the under construction homepage of the site. Although there is absolutely nothing in the pipeline for Machines of Loving Grace,

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Children of Sores News