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Richest Junkie Still Alive Video (1995)

Below is an archive of old news Machines of Loving Grace news imported from the old site. Enjoy!


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(12/13/06 7:36 p.m.CST)

Richest Junkie Still Alive Video

Richest Junkie Still Alive Video
In a never ending quest, I finally found the ‘Richest Junkie Still Alive’ Video online for your viewing pleasure. First time I have ever seen it. Go to Enjoy!

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    (04/11/06 1:10 a.m.CST)



    Scott Benzel Update 2006 + Wikepedia and MOLG
    Well its been almost a year since our last update. Sorry for the lack of it here at COS, but I assure you I am alive and well, and will continue to update as time moves on. Anyways, the latest from the MOLG camp is on the Scott Benzel front.Looks like Scott is in a new band called Soulo. Here are a few links related to this act, including the official Link #2 Link #3

    Also fan Johnny Croy send us this interesting nugget for MOLG: Hey thought this might be interesting or bogus. Check out the last paragraph. From …In 2005, Benzel reformed the band under a new name, The Machines, but other personnel are unknown. A new album is tentatively to be called Love Scenes at the Slave Market, but its release is being delayed as the band shops for a label.

  • Thanks to Johnny Croy and neB

    (06/17/05 2:16 a.m.CST)



    Scott Benzel Update
    Here is an update on Scott Benzel Straight from a fan’s email:Heyo. Thanks for keeping this page going. It’s somehow reassuring when I have that recurring “I can’t believe there’s one more and I’ll never hear it” feeling that inevitably emerges anytime I listen to MoLG. It’s good to know I’m not the only one that thinks they were an exceptionally amazing band. Indispensable! Anyway, I’m writing because I’d impulsively bought a CD some time ago on an Amoeba Recommendation, only to be disappointed with its contents. It is an album by Adventure Time, called “Dreams of Water Themes” on Plug Research (DNTEL is their most famous artist, or was, but I know them from Safety Scissors whose Parts Water album I highly recommend). Anyhow, I misplaced the CD apart from the case somehow and only found it today. I was actually planning to sell it back to Amoeba, so I thought I may as well rip it. As iTunes was importing it began to play the album and I found myself enjoying it, so I looked again at the liner notes, and who do I see has mixed and mastered it? Scott MUVVAFUGGIN Benzel!!!! I just bout shit myself! (a reaction I always regret soon after) So I go online and google it, somehow coming across this He produced a track for Pablo Brazil called “Pop Music United” which you can hear on the site. Then I check out Artist Direct and see that he’s produced another Plug Research album for Soulo as well as many others. I had no idea! I’d also heard somewhere that Mike Fisher might be playing keyboard on the latest NIN tour. Or did I read that on here? Thanks again, Steve 
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    (02/10/05 9:59 p.m.CST)



    MOLG Bandmates in 2004 Documentary Website

    WOW! It has been quite a while since our last news update. Hopefully more updates will come up.
    Anyways as mentioned back in 2001, MOLG members were to be showcased in a Documentary entitled “High and Dry: 20 Years of Tucson Music.”. Well the documentary has been since released and a website has been launched for the film at Above you will see screenshots of the film with 4 of the MOLG members including Scott, Mike, Brad, and Stuart. These are the most recent Images of the band that I have seen.Click on the Trailer and you can see a brief clip of Stuart Kupers Speaking.Well thats all for now! Enjoy!
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    (05/02/04 01:28 p.m.CST)



    MOLG Found in 1970s Book

    Here is a message from MOLG Fan Josh Segall
    I found another link to the band name. I just finished reading an anthology of short stories by Gardner Dozois, and one of his stories is named “Machines of Loving Grace”. It was written in 1972, so it’s after the Brautigan poem.It’s quite a short story, about a girl who keeps killing herself only to be brought to life again and again by advanced medical machines that keep track of all the citizens. Possibly inspired by the poem then? -Josh 
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    (03/30/04 12:38 a.m.CST)



    MOLG Quote in Science Fiction Novel

    Here is a message from MOLG Fan Luke Lakatosh
    Hello – Picked up the new(ish) scifi book by Nick Sagan (son of Carl), called ‘Idlewild’ … intro to the book contains a MOLG quote, and a thanks to Scott Benzel. Thought you’d like to know …
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    (03/05/04 11:41 p.m.CST)



    Mike Fisher’s side project Amish Rake Fight’s has launched the official site for the group. It is still under construction in some parts, but features a bio, discography, photos, blogs, and more. Go to to check it out!

    (12/09/03 9:29 p.m.CST)

    Amish Rake Fight on MTV’s the Real World?

    Here is a message from MOLG Fan Joshua
    Just thought you should know that I heard some Amish Rake Fight on MTVS Real World on Sat the 22. I am pretty sure it was track 5. do not get me wrong i do not watch that crap but just channel surfing.
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    (05/21/03 2:24 p.m.CST)

    Amish Rake Fight Album Now Out
    Fellow Prisoners Album

    Mike Fisher’s side project Amish Rake Fight’s debut album ‘Fellow Prisoners’ has been released. Go to to purchase the album through Positrons Records, Chris Randall’s(SMG) label.
  • thanks to Mark Beeson and jeremy lehnerer.

    (04/16/03 7:28 p.m.CST)

    Amish Rake Fight Album Release in May
    Fellow Prisoners Album

    Mike Fisher’s side project Amish Rake Fight’s shall release their debut album in May. The tracklisting is now available with a small bio. The entire album is right now being showcased on KPOSI, the Positron Records shoutcast station. Go to for more info.
    Amish Rake Fight’s debut album, Fellow Prisoners, is fervid cinematic electronica. An otherworldly concoction of driving beats and ambient soundscapes, the album oscillates between edgy and melodic, never quite fitting neatly into traditional definitions of electronica.The tracklising01. Sir Wellington du Beuf
    02. Sonda
    03. Remembrance
    04. I, Croupier
    05. Apothecary
    06. Yes Josephine
    07. I, Croupier (Collide Remix)
    08. Sir Wellington Du Beuf (Chris Randall mix)
    09. I, Croupier (Lost the Farm mix)
  • for more info on ARF click here.You can download mp3s for the album at:
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    (01/01/03 7:07 p.m.CST)

    Mike Fisher rings in the new year with an update

    Hello all and Happy Freeking New Year 03. The year kicks off with some news on the Mike Fisher front straight from the man himself. Here is what he had to say:
    “The ARF release is proceeding, though a bit slowly. We’ve got final artwork and are just waiting for a couple of the remixes to be finished. The release date has slipped a bunch since I finished the mix, but at this point I’d guess we’re talking about February. Hopefully I can get subsequent releases out the chute a little faster than this one.One of the tracks (I, Croupier) was recently used in an episode of MTV’s “The Real World”. It’s episode #9 of the current season.That’s about all the news at the moment… there’s also an ARF website in the works, that I’m hoping will be up & running before the release. As things progress towards the release date, I’ll keep you in the loop.

    And thanks again for Children of Sores – it’s a great to have something like that out there!


  • for more info on ARF click here.

    (6/10/00 2:40p.m.CST)



    Machines Break Up Plus Future of COSThe Following Crushing News is from Scott Benzel himself regarding the reasoning behind Machines Break Up: 

    “I appreciate all of your continuing support and the great site, etc. As I informed Jaz earlier today, I have decided for a variety of reasons to disband Machines. Obviously, the situation with Mammoth being taken apart by Disney was a setback but mostly I have decided that I want to focus more on the production and remix work that I have been doing and on other projects like Brasil 666. As you probably know, Machines has had a lot of emotional, financial, and legal baggage around it for a while for me so I’m looking forward to doing other stuff.
    I will keep you abreast of anything new. The tracks completed for the record cannot be released due to the situation with Mammoth and Disney and when that situation is resolved I’ll let you know and we’ll possibly try to get them out there.”
    Future of Children of Sores

    Well Fans I feel crushed as I know you all do about the demise of Machines, but keep in mind that there are still Machine songs yet to be released in the future and Scott’s Side Projects.
    I will continue to update all on the developments of the unreleased tracks and side projects. Also I have three new Machines of Loving Grace images that I need to scan and a Purchase section to ease your troubles on finding hard to find Machines CDS. So COS is Definetly not Dead! I can assure you. For now I thank you all for all your support for the band and keep the name alive. Post some stuff in the fan section, get involved and always remain a die hard Machines of Loving Grace Fan.

    Machines of Loving Grace 1989-2000
    Machines of Loving Grace 1989-2000
  • Thanks for everything from a Great Vocalist Scott Benzel.

Old News

(11/05/02 2:11a.m.CST)

David Suycott + Acumen = Yet another project.

David Suycott, formerly of MOLG, also contributed two remixes to Acumen Nation’s new remix CD Coming Down: The Bastard Remix Album which just came out this past tuesday. He contribute to track #8 Just a Bastard (Dave Suycott remix) and track# 11 Margasuck (Dave Suycott Lounge remix).

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    (10/29/02 11:05p.m.CST)

    David Suycott Joins PIGFACE
    David Suycott

    David Suycott, formerly of MOLG, is working on the new PIGFACE album. Apparently he has contributed or is contributing to the new Pigface album “Easy Listening. The picture above was found at the official pigface website at:
    Other contributions on the album include Chris Connelly, Groovie Mann (of My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult), Fallon and Martin, Lacey of Nocturne, and Rahul of Funkadesi, En Esch (Slick Idiot/KMFDM), and more.As you may or may not know, Pigface has been an industrial all star group for quite a while and has featured artists like Trent Reznor of NIN, Nivek Ogre of Skinny Puppy, Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys, and many more notable artists. more news as it hits!
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    (10/13/02 6:35p.m.CST)

    Amish Rake Fight Update

    Two recording session clips from Mike Fisher’s Amish Rake Fight’s upcoming album are now online in Quicktime Format via Positron Records website. There is a biography on the band that states:
    “Following a long and conspicuously unexplained hiatus, Machines of Loving Grace keyboardist Mike Fisher returns with his new project Amish Rake Fight.ARF’s debut album, Fellow Prisoners, is fervid cinematic electronica. An otherworldy concoction of driving beats and ambient soundscapes, the album oscillates between edgy and melodic, never quite fitting neatly into traditional definitions of electronica.Fellow Prisoners is not yet available, but you can find a track from the album, “I, Croupier” on komposi001.” Click here tocheck it out


    (07/19/02 2:05p.m.CST)

    Mike Fisher Speaks once Again
    Click to see larger image of komposi001 compilation cover

    here is some info Mike Fisher would like to pass along regarding his side projects and other stuff:

    The ARF CD release has been pushed back a bit, probably to October (seems like everything takes longer than one expects). It’ll most likely include at least one or two remixes from people you’ve heard of. I’ll be mixing it mid-August, so with any luck it’ll be all done by the beginning of September and out shortly after that. The title of the CD is “Fellow Prisoners”. I’m also giving some thought to whether or not the material would be suitable for some kind of live performance – more on that as it develops.In other news, I’ve just finished adding some synth tracks to an album for a new band on Universal/Republic called “No Release”. It’s my understanding that their CD will be out in the early part of next year. They’re just finishing up mixing right now.”

    Dont Forget:
    Amish Rake Fight MP3’s at:

    Support the Band and get the Word Out!

    more news as it breaks.

  • Special Thanks goes to Mike Fisher
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    (03/12/02 9:17p.m.CST)

    komposi001 compilation track listing
    Click to see larger image of komposi001 compilation cover

    here is the track listing for the komposi001 compilation featuring Mike Fisher’s (keyboardist of MOLG) solo project Amish Rake Fight:
    1. Eco-hed featuring Jim Marcus: Land of the Free
    2. Impossible Recording Machine: Damage
    3. Sister Machine Gun: Transparency
    4. Beautiful Assassins: Generator
    5. Amish Rake Fight: I, Croupier
    6. Micronaut: Probe Droid
    7. Wedge: Rotor
    8. Impossible Recording Machine: Comfort
    9. Sister Machine Gun: Bang Bang (Fully Operational Mix)
    10. Bizarbies: Is that alright?to purchase the album click here to check it out. Its 15.00 for the album and is being released by Chris Randall’s, of SMG, label Positron Records.

    Dont Forget:
    Amish Rake Fight MP3’s at:

    Support the Band and get the Word Out!

    more news as it breaks.

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    (02/25/02 8:26p.m.CST)

    Mike Fisher Speaks
    Click to see larger image of Mike Fisher

    Wow I don’t remember this much News happening here at the site, but here is some more news for ya. I recently spoke to Mike Fisher Via Email regarding his side project Amish Rake Fight and here is what he had to say :
    “….there’s other stuff in the works. There will be an Amish Rake Fight CD out in late spring or early summer. I’ll give you more info on that as the plans firm up. Currently that and the Positron! compilation are the only things in the works, but I’m sure there will be more over time. Oh, there’ll probably be an Amish Rake Fight website at some point, but that’s just now in the early planning stages.“Dont Forget:
    Amish Rake Fight MP3’s at:

    Support the Band and get the Word Out!

    more news as it breaks.

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    (02/24/02 6:24p.m.CST)

    Amish Rake Fight MP3’s
    Sir Wellington Du Beuf Cover Sonda Cover
    Mike Fisher’s side project band Amish Rake Fight has two mp3s for you to download at These are for the songs “Sonda” and “Sir Wellington Du Beuf” two kick ass songs I might add that seem to me to pick up where MOLG left off. It has a very electronic flavor with a MOLG twist to it.
  • Special Thanks goes to: Brian.

    (02/23/02 6:52p.m.CST)

    Mike Fisher News
    Positron! Records is planning to release its first ever compilation, called komposi001. The comp will feature brand new songs from Sister Machine Gun, Micronaut, Impossible Recording Machine, Eco-Hed, Amish Rake Fight (Mike Fisher of MoLG), Beautiful Assassins (Matt Walker of IRM), The Bizarbies, and Wedge (Chris Randall and dlulek noise-core project). Release date to be announced soon!Also, word has it that an Amish Rake Fight EP is on the way.
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    (11/05/01 12:30a.m.CST)

    Machines of Loving Grace Interview
    Apparently there is a documentary being done about the music scene of Tucson, Arizona, where MOLG is from, and Machines of Loving Grace are featured in an interview. This is confirmed at the Arizona Daily WildcatSeptember 24th 2001 article found by Clicking Here. The article reads:
    “So far, the team has conducted 50 interviews with musicians, producers and clubs. Their goal is to complete approximately 80 interviews before December. Some of their interviews have been with the Supersuckers, who moved to Seattle and are currently on Sub Pop records; Bob Log III, formerly of Doo Rag; the Sand Rubies; Machines of Loving Grace, who were featured on the soundtrack of “The Crow;” and Jim Waters, who has produced many local bands as well as bands such as the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Shonen Knife and Sonic Youth. “
    The project is titled “High and Dry: 20 Years of Tucson Music” and is masterminded by Michael Toubassi, Chris Wagganer and Douglas Woods.
  • Thanks to: Arizona Daily Wildcat
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    (10/11/01 5:23p.m.CST)

    Ray Riendeau Status
    Former Machines bass player Ray Riendeau on Rob Halford’s Releases Resurection and Live Insurection Check it!
  • Thanks to: dVain

    (01/29/01 1:25p.m.CST)

    Rex Tangle Speaks Updates Status of David Suycott

    Hi, I was searching for “Rex Tangle” and I stumbled across your page with my name on it. I’m not sure where you got the info, but Suycott actually plays on my album “Pipe Dog” which is available at:
    For more info you can view my homepage at:
    Have a good one!Rex
  • Thanks goes to Rex
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    (11/15/00 12:18a.m.CST)

    Machines of Loving Grace Fan Club
    Here is a message from Michelle, person who started a MOLG Club at Yahoo:


    Just found your site for MOLG and I added a link to it for my Yahoo club:

    It is the first and only MOLG club on Yahoo, only 6 members to start with 🙁 but hopefully growing

    Anyhoo I just wanted to see if this was ok with you. If not I can remove the link anytime ok?

    Michelle (entropy_angel)

  • Thanks to Michelle.
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    (9/20/00 2:40p.m.CST)



    Scott Benzel UpdateThis News update is the first since the breakup and is straight from frontman Scott Benzel 

    “Shit is well generally, starting school, etc. Due to the situation w/ Disney and Mammoth it is unlikely that any Machines stuff will be released any time soon but I’ll keep you up to date. Just did a remix for Boss Hog that is slated for release in germany, its for the song Itchy and Scratchy, also did two tracks for the French band The Little Rabbits that will be released in Europe soon. My partner in the remix thing Jim Waters and I are putting together a reel w/ a bunch of stuff on it for our new company Interstate Produce.”
  • Thanks to Scott Benzel.
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    (10/06/99 11:23a.m.CST)

    Brasil666-Scott Benzel Side Project Update


    Genre – Electronic

    Brasil666 “Six Sides”.

    “Produced and Mixed by Scott Benzel(Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, T-Model Ford, Calexico) and Jim Waters (Sonic Youth, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Boss Hog) at Waterworks West. Tucson, AZ. 1998. The Lineup: Tom Melchionda-6-string bass, guitars, noises. Larry Burr- Trumpet/trumpet fx, vibes. Hal DeBecker- electric piano, organ. Tim Sparks- drums, percussion. Scott Benzel- e piano, organ, synths, programming. ”

    Their Biography was obtained at the Brasil666 UBL Biography
    Audio Clips in MP3 Format can be found by Clicking Here.


  • Once Again Special Thanks to SW-26 Productions and UBL

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    (09/07/99 05:00p.m.CST)

    Benzel to Contribute Mix on New Spencer Blues Explosion Single

    The Following is From SW-26 Productions:
    “Here’s a quick Machines related update for you:

    The new Jon Spencer Blues Explosion album, “Xtra Acme USA”, which comes out on Sept. 14, features a remix of Blue Green Olga by Machines (formerly the Machines of Loving Grace) frontman Scott Benzel, Jim Waters (engineer/producer of the forthcoming new Machines album) and Jack Dangers (Meat Beat Manifesto). ”


  • Once Again Special Thanks to SW-26 Productions

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Old Album News

(08/15/99 08:50p.m.CST)

Machines Album Pushed Till December/Single Info
The Following is From SW-26 Productions:

“A quick update on their upcoming album:

According to Scott Benzel, frontman for the Machines (formerly the Machines of Loving Grace) the release date of their new album has been pushed back from October to December of ’99. Also, Benzel said that he is in the process of putting together a live band and said to expect a 12″, club only single to hit the dance floors soon.”



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(07/05/99 01:46p.m.CST)

Benzel Remaining Machines Member & New Sound Direction

Scott Benzel-Lead Singer
Scott Benzel-Remaining Machines Member

The Following is From All Star News on the upcoming new album:
“Dennis Wilson may turn over in his grave on this one. The Machines (formerly Machines Of Loving Grace) will cover the Wilson-penned Beach Boys song “Never Learn Not to Love” for their upcoming Mammoth Records Release.”Obviously, we’ve done a radical revamp of it,” says Scott Benzel, who is now the lone member in the Machines. “It doesn’t sound like a Beach Boys song.”

The Machines are currently mixing tracks in Tucson, Ariz. with Jim Waters (Jon Spencer Blues Explosion) for their as-yet-untitled album, the band’s first since 1995’s Gilt.

In addition to Waters, the Machines are also mixing tracks in Los Angeles with Ben Grosse (Filter) and San Francisco with Jack Dangers (Meat Beat Manifesto). Dangers and Waters are co-producing the record, and Dangers co-wrote six songs with Benzel, including a track called “Superfuck,” for inclusion on the late September/early October release on Mammoth.

Along with the band’s former name, the Machines have left behind most of the industrial-heavy guitar sound that permeates the majority of Gilt in favor of a more electronic vibe.

“It’s a lot more beat-oriented than the previous one,” says Benzel “It has almost no guitar presence whatsoever. I wouldn’t call it a dance record, but it’s definitely less of a guitar-driven rock record. There is definitely a lot more electronics and beats happening on this one.”

Look for the Machines to tour the U.S. surrounding the release of the record as well as the band’s forthcoming single, tentatively scheduled to be “Transgression,” out this fall.

— Kevin Raub




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