Children of Sores


Children of Sores 4.0 is Now Live!

Well here we are 11 years after the last redesign, 2 years after the Geocities demise and now ready to rock out with an updated website up to date with a lot of cool web 2.0 features. I hope you all enjoy your visit here and hope you come back many more times to come. I will update this site as often as I can, and even though the band is broken, I will post when available any related news. Please email me at if you have any news to report. Till the next update, enjoy the site.


4 Responses to “Children of Sores 4.0 is Now Live!”

  1. Wondering if this site is even still monitored. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to know someone out there still loves this band as much as me? I grew up listening to all things MOLG, saw them live 2 times in Salt Lake City (that I can remember), and would pay real, REAL money to hear their unreleased Slave Market album.
    Oh well. So it goes….

  2. Yes it is however a little infrequent. Still love the band to this day and always a pleasure to meet another who shares the same sentiment. I too would shell out some serious dough to hear Slaves. Thanks for the comment!

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