Children of Sores


A few of the songs (maybe all?) on the Gilt album are drop tuned to D. There are only one or two places where you need to play the low D chord/note so I have transcribed these songs out in e with my interpretation of obtaining the lower notes on an e tuned guitar.

Some of the guitar riffs, most notably the main riff of Tryst, use two separate guitars which can sound like one instrument. Where possible I have included the tab for both guitars parts. You will need to make a composite of the two parts to play these riffs on a single guitar.

I have no idea what equipment the guitarist uses on this album but to my ears it sounds like a humbucker guitar into a Mesa Boogie. When trying to obtain the guitar sound on the album, use a fair amount of compression (if you don’t have a suitably powerful humbucker guitar) and less distortion. Listen to how the guitarist uses the volume control to clean up his tone during different sections of the songs.

If you have any information on the equipment/techniques used by MOLG or have any comments/amendments to make to this document please contact me at: