Children of Sores

Scott Benzel


Soulo (2009)

We talk about the inevitable, but most people are afraid to even glance forward. Soulo levitate from a point on the horizon and land on our step. Not to say that Soulo is courageous. Soulo is inward reflective rock… unsteady.

Is it romantic to soften the hardness of a soundtrack to a break dancing video game? Is it worthwhile to enliven the new-age fugue with a surprise ending? Does science gain moral obligation when it teams up with the hopes and risks that art rolls with? Or does the art lose its sense?

Soulo’s music is too discreet to be rock, too jammin’ to be ambience, and too eventual to be the blues. But you could use any title from the Jimi Hendrix song book to name any given Soulo track.


  1. Yorktown For Nine Months
  2. Send My Face
  3. Monkey
  4. Tropical Malady
  5. The Peter Plan
Acme Plus

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion ‘Acme Plus’ (1999)

  1. Remixes Track to the Song ‘Blue Green Olga’ along with Jack Dangers of Meat Beat Manifesto and Jim Waters.
Side Project

Brasil666 Six Sides (1998)

Produced and Mixed by Scott Benzel (Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, T-Model Ford,Calexico) and Jim Waters (Sonic Youth, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Boss Hog) at Waterworks West. Tucson, AZ. 1998.

The Lineup:

  • Tom Melchionda-6-string bass,guitars, noises.
  • Larry Burr- Trumpet/trumpet fx, vibes
  • Hal DeBecker- electric piano,organ
  • Tim Sparks- drums, percussion.
  • Scott Benzel- e piano, organ, synths,programming.
  1. Five songs exsist including Cielo Drive, Enter The Six,Six After Midnight, Theme, and Trio So Nice.
Side Project

The Cocksmen

  1. Contributes Keyboards and Samples for this Arizona Based Group.