Children of Sores

Review By Karen Sheets

Review By Karen Sheets

Gilt Review

by Karen Sheets

Like their cohorts Chemlab and Sister Machine Gun, Machines of Loving Grace fail to find intensity in their fusion of post-industrial and hard rock.

Gilt’s songs are the typical semi-quiet verses and loud thrashing choruses. The guitars and bass have an overweight sound, like a fat, surly and stupid man stomping on lady bugs just for spite.

“Solar Temple” breaks its legs and tears its black spandex on the way to the hard-core show, when a half a minute of good techno rhythms are forsaken for whispered vocals crushed under Metallica-esque guitars.

Sampling “Einsturzende Neubauten,” the seminal German noise-art outfit, is the best move Machines of Loving Grace made toward a sonically interesting album, but as Scott Benzel sings on “Casual Users:” “We were casual users/ We were young and stupid/ We never crossed over that line”

-Karen Sheets

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