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Miscellany News Interview (1995)

Miscellany News Interview (1995)

E-mail Interview With Mike Fisher

by Nevin Martell

In ten years one won’t have to leave the privacy of his or her computer terminal in order to interact with the rest of the world. All mail will be e-mailed, classes will be conducted via simultaneous conference programs, homework assignments will be zipped across the net in mere seconds and computer dating will be the first steps towards an electronically enhanced marriage. Well, maybe that’s a little over-expectant, but it could happen.

I have often wondered how I could interview all of the artists I’d like to, when the closest they come to Poughkeepsie is New York City. I could do phone interviews, but I hate transcribing everything off my tape recorder. So, now e-mail interviews are coming into the fore. When Mammoth offered an e-mail interview with Mike Fisher of Machines of Loving Grace, I jumped at the chance.

Misc: Who do you count amongst your influences?

Fisher: Edgard Varese, SPK, The Beatles, Modest Mussorgsky, Einsturzende Neubatten, to name only a few.

Misc: What would you compare Gilt to (Whether it be a mood, piece of fruit or another artist)?

Fisher: Tough one. To me certain parts of Gilt are standing on the parapet of a tall building and realizing that existence is a choice and not a foregone conclusion.

Misc: What do you think of the O.J. decision?

Fisher: Miscarriage of justice, sell-out, difficult to believe, unfortunate.

Misc: How do you feel about the Time-Warner censorship debate, since you do fall under the larger Time-Warner family structure?

Fisher: I think it’s akin to a schizophrenic giant flogging itself for being naughty. Many of the bands that Time-Warner might potentially censor are breadwinners. I’m no great defender of misogyny or hate, but I find it ironic that many rap artists sell millions of records without widespread radio play or promotion –the perfect money generator for Time-Warner.

Misc: Touring plans? Anything near Poughkeepsie, NY?

Fisher: Did Jim Rose. Doing a week of dates with Korn in the south (Florida, Georgia, etc.) followed by a couple of weeks headlining.

Misc: What stereotype do you hate the most?

Fisher: That musicians don’t think about issues other than where their next gig or fix is coming from.

Misc: Who is the typical Machines of Loving Grace fan? Describe as intimately as possible.

Fisher: I wish I could, but it still mystifies me. I suppose the common thread would be that it’s often someone who expects to listen to a song more than once before hearing or understanding all of it.

Misc: If you don’t mind me asking, what is the pleasure (drug or other pursuit) that you enjoy the most?

Fisher: At the moment, two things: sleep and Bruichaladdich 23-year old (both are rare).

Misc: Who would win a fight between Green Day and the Rolling Stones?

Fisher: The Rolling Stones, primarily because they can afford better bodyguards.

Misc: How bout between Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey?

Fisher: Janet, hands down. Let’s not forget that she came from a violent family. Mariah’s been pampered.

Misc: Does road life live up to the decadent stories that are built around it?

Fisher: From time to time, yes. In general, though: dream on.

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