Children of Sores

Consumable Interview with Scott Benzel (1993)

Consumable Interview with Scott Benzel

by Sean Eric McGill

Gilt, the latest album from Machines of Loving Grace, is a departure from their previous style. Leaning more towards guitars and less towards sampling, it marks a change in a band many have considered to be one of the best outfits in the industrial genre.

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Bass Player Online Article on Ray Riendeau (07/1998)

Ray Riendeau Interview by Bass Player Online

By Ed Friedland

“For the longest time I never knew how Victor Wooten was doing his double-thumbing technique,” says Ray Riendeau. “I just tried to mimic the sound, and it came out my way.”

Ray calls his unusual slap style “double plucking”: using his index and middle fingers in conjunction with the thumb to create unusual rhythmic groupings.

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Bob Gourley Article

Bob Gourley Article

by Bob Gourley
Thanks to Chaos Control for the article.

When Machines of Loving Grace spent $1000 to put together a dome they did it so well that they ended up getting stuck with it as their debut album. Much to the band’s surprise it not only attracted the attention of Mammoth,

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Bikini Magazine – 1994 Interview

Machines of Loving Grace

Reprinted from , Issue #3, 1994
courtesy M.F. Mauceri and Bikini Magazine


High Hand, High Spade In The Hole,
Quarter On The Four, Roll Your Own

Forget Robert Bly. Don’t think you need to beat drums naked in the woods to reaffirm your manhood.

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