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Side Projects

David Suycott

Side Project

Butterfly Child-'Soft Explosives' (1998)

Butterfly Child-David has contributed also to Butterfly Child's 1998 album entitled 'Soft Explosives'. Joe Cassidy (who is the Butterfly Child) is described by CMJ as making "a soul-baring third statement with Soft Explosives, a kind of cinematic emotional soundtrack created by a post-modern philharmonic."

Side Project

Verbow-'Chronicles' (1997)

David had a brief stint with the band Verbow ,which was signed by Sony 550, contributing his drumming talents to the album 'Chronicles'. The electrified quartet from Austin,Texas features Jason and Alison along with bassist Jason Block.The band spent a month mixing their debut album with Bob Mould, by whom it was produced in Austin, Texas. They incidentally opened several dates for Mould on his last solo tour.

Side Project

Jar-'Down Enough'

Drummer David Suycott makes a guest appearance on drums for the band's debut album. Jar is describe as shaping grooves that engage and reflect the soul of the alternative and the mind of the funk.The band's album is available on the independent label Glacier Ent.

Side Project

Stabbing Westward-'Ungod' (1993/94)

Dave's first group was in fact Stabbing Westward during the debut release 'Ungod'.

Side Project

Rex Tangle

This first independant solo album entitled "Zakophosmologik" features collaboration of two of Rex's friends and musicians Don Kirby and David Suycott.

Side Project


Not much info on this band except they have 4 albums.

Side Project

Charlelie Couture

All I Know is he worked with him at one time or another.